Our journey begins in a time of change, when everyone is trying to find their personal style, while the virtual space is full of infinite choices and fashion styles.
Trying to make the world a better place by using Eco friendly fabrics like Econyl, we combined glamour and sustainability in a perfect match, made especially for you.
By using Econyl, we can eliminate thousands of waste, save barrels of crude oil, avoid tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, and many others environmental issues.

We think that every choice we make affects all of us. So, why not be eco friendly and fabulous at the same time?

Our Products

Our opinion is that in swimwear fashion it is not necessary to have a particular style. You can choose a scuba with long sleeves, but also a two-piece.

You can wear uni colors but also a mix of fresh and unique ones.

It s all about perspective and mood.

We designed our eco friendly collections for every one of you, classy ones and crazy ones, for all kind of purposes.

Inspired by everything around us, from nature to galaxies, from world destinations to art, every print has a story and we are glad to share it with you.

Gold Swimwear


Bullet point

  • High quality fabrics, two layers, environmentally friendly, excellent thermal and solar protection, resistant to use and repetitive cleaning, with a full ventilation capacity of the body, Gold Swimwear is a complete product that becomes a second skin.
  • The revolutionary design of Gold Swimwear, the presence of the zipper and the multiple possibilities of use are able to stand out all the strengths of your body, and if is necessary it can help you to transform problem areas in assets.
  • Swimsuit model in one piece with long sleeves with a wide range of utilities, both for swimming, surf, beach walks, and for pool activities, beach parties bronzing etc
  • The digital Electric print will make your presence unique
  • The one piece swimsuit model will offer additional sun protection in sensitive areas eliminating the need to use sunscreen over unreachable ares,with increased sensitivity or with medical problems
  • The way it is thought and the high quality of our product, makes your experience unforgettable, free of discomfort and worries
  • No more it is necessary to plan your outfits depending on the scheduled activities on the beach ,Gold Swimwear adapts for you so that you can enjoy and have the best time of your life.


Fabric ; 78% Econyl Polyamide ( Recycled Polyester 85 %)

22% Elastane

We choose carefully our materials so to meet the highest quality standards

We follow continuously the newer technologies so that we can generate products capable of delivering a complete user experience.

  • Excellent solar protection
  • Compatibility with different skin types
  • Adaptability regardless of body construction
  • Thermal protection
  • Mechanical resistance of use
  • Mechanical cleaning resistance
  • Dimensional integrity at long term use

AND a positive ecological footprint

  • percentage of material recycled
  • Eco print

Our Gold Swimwear one piece long sleeve swimsuit is chosen and generated after multiple analyzes based on the highlighted criteria by our consumers in order to obtain a product able to fulfill as possible essential tasks or results following its use.

Here are just a few:

  • Sun protection in the sensitive area of the arms or abdomen, without the need to apply sunscreen
  • Supporting all body areas for extra confidence
  • Ability to put to disposition multiple ways to accentuate the strengths through the presence of the zipper
  • The ease with which it can be dressed up
  • The ability to adapt regardless of the activity undertaken on the beach or pool, you can instantly switch from chair to interactive games, to water sports without worrying about functionality

Gold Swimwear Print is explicitly chosen in order to make you stand out in an ocean of repetitive varieties.

Any of us tends or wants to be special, now you can do this simply: ECO AND FABULOUS