1. Your data is safe

GoldSwimwear keeps your personal data safe.
We took all the technical measures for all your personal data security and protection

2. Data protection suggestions:

a. Use secure passwords

b. Keep your devices safe

c. Protect yourself against spam emails

d.Protect yourself from virtual fraud

e.Protect your children

3. About your personal data

​When you use our services, you give us access to some personal data.

Below are some examples of situations in which we use this data:

a.to contact you in case of need

b. issue invoices in your name

c. to make sure the placed order reaches you

GoldSwimwear does not make decisions based exclusively on the automatic processing of data subjects and does not create profiles that have legal effects on the data subject.

You can express your consent to the processing of your personal data. You will benefit from such personalized services and offers, adapted to your preferences, so that you have the best experience.

The refusal of the data subject to provide the requested data if this is a legal or contractual obligation or an obligation necessary for the conclusion of a contract may result in the impossibility / refusal to establish a legal relationship or termination of the existing legal relationship between the subjects.

4.Conditions for collecting your data:

a. When you purchase or use any of our products and services

b. You register for a specific product or service;

c. You subscribe to newsletters, alerts or other services offered by us;

d. Take part in a competition, draw or study;

e. Visit or browse our site;

f. You have given permission to other companies, such as our business partners or associates, as well as to third suppliers or contractors of ours, to exchange information with us regarding personal data.

5. Purpose of using your data:

a. Provision of our service – contract execution

b. Invoicing and customer relations

c. Improving the services we offer you

d. Order processing and provision of desired products and services

e. Marketing and individualization of the services we offer you

6. Duration of retention of personal data

We will store the information for as long as required by law. If there are no legal requirements, we will only store them for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose.

Unless otherwise provided by law, we will usually process the data for the duration of a contract, plus a period of six years from the termination of the contract, this time period including the general limitation period and the 5-year period in which may carry out financial control by the state authorities.

7.Your rights

a. to inform

b. to withdraw consent to the processing

c. the right of access to personal data

d. the right to rectify the data if they are notcorrect

e. the right to data portability

f. the right to restrict the use of personal data


If you would like to contact us about any of your rights or make a complaint about how we use your personal data, please contact our Customer Service team or email us. from our website.